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is still cued up indicates things are behind schedule. the secret service is keeping us this far way from the house for security reasons. it's the kind of house you might expect the president might attend a reception but the focus will be inside. guests paying up to $15,000 to enjoy the president's company as well as appetizers and cocktails. the president is expected to spend about an hour here before golg on to portolla valley. the neighborhood around forest avenue is very tight security. we spoke to a reception guest, dennis driver and to a neighbor. >> had an opportunity to seat president about a year and a half ago. thought it was mazing and susan has got a birthday coming up in september. i said let's make that a part of history as well. >> what is the like having the president around the corn zbler. >> we're honor owed to have the president come to palo alto. feels very special.
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and we're very excited to catch a glimpse. >> neighbors did get a view of the security check point. bomb sniffing dogs checked out catering vans and valets cued up before going into the house. the guests will be given two special souvenirs a frameable card and a cup holder. palo alto is picking up the tab for security they're providing tonight. a source tells me it could run as high as 20,000s oodz not everybody is happy to seat president. pro testors expected to line the streets just as they did during the visit in april. we're wlif that part of the story. jonathan? >> there are dozens of people here now but organizers say by 6:00 there are likely to have hundreds of people behind me. folks come from half a dozen
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different groups but are demonstrating and want to hold feet to the fire when it comes to climate change. throughout the years the made made general comments about the climate but recently saying he'll use executive orders necessary. they're mad about something he o silent about the controversial oil pipeline pro tos poesal. -- proposal. >> key stone pipeline is actually the dirtiest form of oil in the world. the pipeline contributing to global warming and continuing flooding around the world. it's just around, a disaster for the world. >> pro testers went so far to build a giant pipe out of card board tubing. symbolizing the pipe that could carry the oil. it turns out the president is rung late. pro testers say that gives
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more time to round people up. they say they'll start marching towards where the president is expected to arrive in just a couple hours. thank you. the next stop tonight is a very expensive dinner at the home of a silicon valley venture capitolist in portolla valley. we are there live tonight. lisa? >> we're about a quarter mile away from a fund-raiser dinner at this home. the service trucks arrived but not a lot of guests just yet. it's mostly service personnel and security people. a small portion of the road will be shutting down remaining closed until around 9:30. they're hosting the $32,000 per person dinner. the co-founder of sun micro systems and now heads ventures in menlo park this, is being called an intimate event with the president.
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$32,400 will buy you a photo with the rez and a chance to listen as he discusses things like immigration, climate change and gun violence prevention. the president is expected to arrive here at around 8:00 tonight. >> lisa, thank you. the obama administration defending the collection of telephone records from u.s. citizens and they're not alone. senator feinstein spoke in favor today saying the program came to light in a british newspaper report yesterday has stopped multiple attempted terrorist attacks inside of the united states. >> terrorists will come after us if they can. and the only thing we have to deter this is good intelligence. >> yesterday, the guardian newspaper reported the nsa has been clektding phone records
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under a secret court order, civil liberties groups are outraged. >> breaking news in san franciscoful a man shot in a muny bus a short time ago, taken to the hospital by the bus driver. vic lee is live with the story tonight. vic, how is he doing? >> well arks apparently fine. we're told bif san francisco general hospital that this is the first time they can remember that a muni bus took a patient to the hospital. the bugs was parked here on the street outside of the hospital until 15 minutes ago. it suddenly drove off but we did count two bullet holes in the rear window. the 22-year-old man was either grazed or injured from flying gas. the driver drove here immediately after the shooting instead of calling an ambulance. the driver did not want to talk about the ordeal.
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but there were witnesses on the bus and the gang task force is talking to them now. we do not know if the man was targeted or if this was a random shooting. the incident happened shortly after 2:00. police said three men boarded the bus then got off quickly and began firing into the bus. the spokesman told us later they believe the men may have just approached the bus and began shooting. >> after the shooting just occurred the bus driver was smart enough to leave the scene immediately. noticed this injured victim in the back. drove the bus straight back to the hospital to work on the victim. >> that patient is suffering from superficial wounds. maybe just a graze or maybe injured from flying glass.
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police hope to get more information from a security camera. that is the very latest, vic lee abc 7 news. >> a california public utilities commission attorney explained yes wanted to be taken off the investigation into the dead lie gas pipeline explosion and believes the recommended penalty was unlawful. calls for making pg&e pay share holidayer money to help itself, forcing to make systems safer but some california public utilities commission employees think they should send the fine to the general fund. >> california high speed rail project took a roll down the tracks today, official as graeed who gets the first $1 billion to start building it. as with many aspects some don't like how that was done, either.
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>> five dwrupz -- groups were vying for the job to build the 40 miles. no tracks but this lays physical ground work. >> are we comfortable with ability of the contractors to complete this project? >> we have the personnel, and the experience to accomplish it but with increasing public push to keep costs down the rail authority chose the lowest bid a california company based in los angeles county bid $985 million. the selection process has been highly criticized, project leaders changed the bid prog ses to give an edge to cheaper developers. technical scores for safety were weighted, too. the company scored nearly 69%. the rest averaging 80%. >> are you ready to commit to a contractor who is least
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qualified and least likely to succeed? >> critics point out the company has a history cost overruns including work on the los angeles subway. the ceo says the company is qaul fwi fied to start the bullet train. >> we've built more large programs in this state than anyone else. virtually all of them successfully without cost overruns they al you'd to. >> the project is expected to break ground this summer but a pending lawsuit could delay, or even stop it. >> people alerting customers about a cyber attack that may have compromised credit and debit card information saying pin numbers appear secure. stores include knob hill, food source and railly's. the company providing updates with the investigation into the attack. >> the stock market recovered today after two straight days of losses.
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the dow jones up 80 points. the dow lost almost 300 points since tuesday. nasdaq ended higher with a 22-point gain. net flix is now part of a nasdaq 100 index. >> and still ahead what walked through a residential street today? >> and a south's decision on three high
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water is back on for one martinez neighborhood after a main cup toured this morning. mud covered a lot of jones street after 12 inch pipeline
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broke at 5:00 this morning. engineers estimate about a half million gallons gushes down the street. took crew twoz hours just to find shut off valve beneath rushing water and mud. workers inspected nearby sue yir pipe autos american indian model schools in oakland will stay open for now that. is the decision by an alameda county judge, a temporary restraining order stopping the school district from closing it. we are live with the story tonight. leanne? >> well, dan by having this order it allows schools to reopen on june 20th. so called summer session without it, the schools, all three of them would have been forced to close. he said he was reluctant to do nothing but issuing a temporary restraining order oakland unify candidate not go ahead with plans to close the
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american indian model schools. parents and administrators inside of the courtroom were elated. in march, the school district revoked it's charter because of alleged financial improprietis. a spokesperson called the judge's decision a temporary set back. >> this is really just a delay in the process. it's not final in any way. >> school administratored appealed to try to reverse the district's decision. but schools needed a quick ruling to stay open that, is why administrators and parents asked the supreme court judge to intervene. the finances of the schools are still under investigation. >> it's unfortunate that accusations and al gaigs have been made. none have been proven but our children have proven this model works i'm just so excited. >> the possible closure of the american indians has been hard on parents, teachers and students. >> we have grown and i really,
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this is a great school. you shouldn't shut it down. >> today is the first day that i feel like someone in the system puts children first. will be the first that we'll go home and celebrate. >> and so now there are two scenarios one if the alameda county board says no, sorry we're going to close down, then, the parents and administration would april yol to state board of education. scenario two would be if the alameda county board says yes, you can remain open, then that, would be the end of it. oakland unified would then not appeal. we'll know in a few weeks. in oakland abc 7 news. >> frustrating for families in the staff there. thank you. >> family members who have lost loved ones to violence can join news a walk saturday around the marinea. the number increased every year and the walk hosted by 1,000 mothers to prevent violence.
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the fund-raiser helps provide counseling services founded 13 years ago off her twin sons were killed in a drive by shooting in the east bay. the registration includes lunch and light music. >> dozens of volunteers finished the job of sprucing up the american legion hall. the crew included firefighters and sears associate that's painted and put in a law lawn. rebuilding together but another recent volunteer day when renovations took place inside of the building. >> one member wrote a request for rebuilding together. and they took one look at the place and came down and did almost all of the work. >> it always blows me away incredible generosity of community members sharing their time and day. giving back to basically help someone else. >> isn't that great? the locals say the building is more than 100 years old,
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serving as a hub not only for vets but neighbor autos great news there. happening now, first tropical storm of the season is whipping up problems in florida tropical storm andrea is bearing down on florida's gulf coast with rain and wind at least eight confirmed tornadoes across the state. no serious injuries reported at this point. it's a fast moving storm now heading north towards georgia and carolina autos our weather department is watching that storm closely. >> yes. >> sandhya? >> i want to show you latest on storm an dreea. we check out the live doppler 7 hd, you'll see what it looks like from that perspective and that the heavy bands of rain continuing to move across florida and up towards georgia area. let me show you current location here. it made land all fall already.
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and dixie county 65 miles per hour wind gusts reported and tornadoes. still a threat of tornadoes as tropical storm andrea works it's way up the coastline on the east coast there it will weaken by saturday morning to a tropical depression. the flooding problem anywhere between two to eight inches, eight inches around baltimore that we're, that is going to be the biggest threat in addition to tornado possibility. as we look our weather still fog around around the coastline. looking towards treasure i'll land, gorgus, blue skies. right now, 74 in santa rosa. 82 in fairfield. highs so far upper 50s to low 60s coastside up to low 90s in
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antioch. 93 this afternoon. checking out the view you can see how low the fog s we're expecting fog to remain confined to the coast. so that means there could be pockets of poor visible. hot inland and a sharp cool down sunday. taking a look at the view you can see fog is confined to the coastline. poor air quality tomorrow in inland east bay means a spare the air alert for friday. we'll watch heading into saturday as well. watch out f you're heading to the beach so escape the heat, beach hazards remaining in suspect through friday night for beaches. certainly still a possibility as that long period flow continues to come up the coast. temperatures first thing in the morning in 50s to 60s but
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that fog mainly near coast and could be dense in patches. 68 for your friday afternoon. mild downtown san francisco. 70 degrees towards east bay, oakland 78. it's cooking in wall nurt creek. 95 degrees and down right hot. 98 in antioch. checking out friday high temperatures 79 san mateo. 88 in san jose. napa, 92. gets up to tril yep -- triple digits in clear lake. accu-weather forecast featuring summer like heat friday, saturday. near triple digits inland. warm around the rest of the region. big drop in temperatures sunday. cooling continues early next week. temperatures dropping bee will he average at this time of the year live from the roof of the
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kgotv broadcast center, blue skies nice breeze i'm jand patel. dan? snirl thank you so much. >> and coming up staying smarter longer. >> how sharp your brain is in old age may have been decided
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legend turned actress esther williams died today at the age of 91. she was adored for her swimsuit numbers in the movies. i had the great pleasure of interviewing esther in 1997. she told me her swimsuits had to be sturdy to keep her contained. >> see when you're underwater things can't switch like bikinis do when you ride a wave that. dixie cup they've got on one side shifts over on a piece of
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string. the other is under your arm. it doesn't work. sensors would not allow that. >> understand. >> she began working in movies after winning races at the 1939 national championships. she wrote an ought yes biography. you can find my 1997 interview on abc 7 look under see it on tv. >> how cool that? >> staying sharp into golden years may have less to do with how well you take care of your brain and and more about how smart you were as a child finding children with high iqs ended up with better cogniti ve. abilities when reaching their 70s. researchers say it's important because reports that people who fare better in old age may have simply been smarter throughout their lives. >> oh no,. >> i'm doomed.
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>> we're both doomed. oh, gosh. >> we have a lot more ahead, too. two games remaining. >> larry beil sup next to talk game one between h
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abc 7 news is giving away shell gift cards to seven lucky winners each gets $700 of free gas. it's a big thank you to awe our fans. like abc 7 news on facebook for a chance to win and $700 in free gas could be yours f you're a fan you still need to enter to win. starting june 13th we'll announce one winner a day during our morning news. enter now. >> well, city college fate is being decided today. acrediting commission for community and junior colleges is voting in a marriott hotel to decide whether the school
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will be forced to shut down. some consider that unlikely. city college could face sanctions for the way it's managed finances and staff. and the result won't be announced until next month. >> nba finals are here. rite here on this tv station. >> it's going to be fun. >> yes. the miami heat are back nlt finals for a third year facing a spurs team that won four championships and never lost in the finals. both losses against golden state warriors they've been off since may 27th. miami hd a difficult path to the finals including seven grueling games with indiana pacer buzz miami head coach believes a tougher road may be the better one. >> you grow, get tested.
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and we felt spurs were the best team in the worst west so. we think it's fitting to face them. >> it will be very physical that is what this will bring out in everybody. it will be a different time. and more wide open. but this physicality will be there. >> spurs coach spoke and said he has no idea what to expect because they've been off 10 days. nuggets fired head coast george carl today. this year was upset by carrers and could end up coaching clippers next season. >> win or go home. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> abc 7 is your home for the nba finals. >> our coverage of game one in miami begins next and stay with us for after the game with larry beil and warriors
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